Panel formwork ABS DELTA series

Universal vertical formwork for the needs of industrial and civil construction.
Forming of vertical concrete surfaces during the construction of monolithic and frame buildings



  • Hydrostatic pressure of concrete, which is perceived by shields, kN – 90
  • The number of formation cycles – 50
  • Working (forming) surface material – moisture resistant plywood
  • Coating of the shield frame – polymer powder
  • Mounting / dismantling type – using lifting equipment.

Features of use:

The frame of the shield is made of a 120×60 mm formwork profile. With a 3 mm wall.
Docking with other formwork systems from European suppliers.
For the shaping surface, moisture-resistant plywood is used, a laminating layer with a density of 220 g / m2.
The lock is the only connecting and leveling element with the possibility of using an insert between panels up to 80 mm thick.
Tapered sleeve for rod anchor and DIWIDAG swivel nut.
Shield nomenclature:
Width of wall panels, mm – 2400; 1200; 900; 800; 750; 700; 600; 500; 400; 300; 250; 200.
Width of universal boards, mm. – 1200; 1000; 900; 800; 750; 600.
Height, mm – 3300; 3000; 1500; 1200; 900.
For the formation of corners, internal and external corner elements with a shelf width of 200 and 300 mm are used.
To form closed surfaces (for example, an elevator shaft), a stripping angle is used.
An arc element is used to form the radius surfaces.
The presence of universal panels allows the formation of columns with a size of 250×250 mm. to 1050×1050 mm. with a step of 50 mm.

Application examples:

Reconstruction of the metallurgical plant Arcelor Mittal
Construction of residential buildings WHITE CHOCOLATE
Supply for the construction of overpasses.