LENTON Mechanical Couplings

Mechanical couplings LENTON FITTINGS

Tapered thread connection The most common mechanical connection method in the world.
The LENTON mechanical connection system is a universal method of connecting reinforcing bars using specially manufactured couplings. Self-centering LENTON tapered thread design provides ease of installation, operational stability and durability. The reinforcing bar joint is carried out using a special LENTON coupling with an internal tapered thread of the same thread profile on the bars.

The LENTON technological system consists of:
– branded LENTON couplings of various types, manufactured using a special technology;
– end anchors for fast anchoring of reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete structures
– equipment for threading on reinforcing bars, first of all – the proprietary patented LENTON threading machine
– additional equipment: hand cutters, Speed ​​Sleeve compression connection, and LENTON Plus cold pressing presses
– additional mounting equipment in the form of a universal torque wrench.

Benefits of connecting reinforcement using the LENTON method
– Ability to connect reinforcing bars of all diameters used in reinforcing reinforced concrete structures
– the minimum increase in the diameter of the bar at the junction, which does not affect the size of the concrete cover
– Creation of equal strength joints for the entire length of the bar
– impossibility of unscrewing due to tightening the connection with a normalized effort
– Maintaining the geometric axis of the bar along the entire length of the reinforcing bar
– Mechanical connection can be used with reinforcing bars of any length, shape, diameter or combination of reinforcement diameters

This technology, introduced into the construction project, creates the strength of the connection along the entire length of the reinforcing structure, ensures the uniformity of the perception of loads, the stability of their distribution throughout the entire section of the reinforcing bar. In this way, each individual LENTON coupling behaves like a continuous reinforcing bar element.

LENTON A12 Standard Couplings

Standard steel reinforcing couplings are designed to connect rods of the same diameter, when one of the rods to be connected can rotate freely, and its movement in the axial direction is not limited.

LENTON R11 Reducing Couplings

Transitional couplings are designed to connect rods of different diameters, when one of the rods to be connected can rotate freely, and its movement in the axial direction is not limited.

POSITIONAL couplings LENTON R 13, 14, 15

Positional couplings are designed for quick fusion of two curved, bent or straight rods, when none of the rods to be connected can rotate freely, while the rod is connected axially.


LENTON welded sockets provide a quick and easy connection of a rebar to a rolled profile or structural steel plate. Similar to the standard socket, inside the end of the socket there is a cut tapered thread, the other end is prepared for welding.

Final anchors D14, D16

End anchors D14, D16 (end anchors of this type are intended for anchoring reinforcing bars in reinforced concrete structures).

LENTON S13 Coupling Bolts

LENTON Bolt Couplings provide a full strength connection between a rebar and a standard metric bolt. Can be used to bolt structural steel structures to concrete foundations, columns or walls.

Lenton taper cutting equipment

LENTON threading machines model EL-BT-101 (EV) are used for cutting tapered threads on steel bar reinforcement with a periodic profile (diameter 10 – 57 mm). The threading machine has manual control. After cutting, the rods with tapered threads are connected with Lenton coupling couplings for joining the reinforcement in the supporting frame.