Horizontal formwork series ABSHORIZONT

The universal collapsible system, which is a set of equipment consisting of telescopic racks, wooden beams and laminated plywood.
Designed for the formation of slabs with a height of up to 5.0 m with a slab thickness up to 350 mm.



  • The largest floor thickness, mm. * – 350
  • Maximum floor height, mm. * – 5000
  • Working (forming) surface material – moisture resistant plywood
  • Number of forming cycles (for one side) – 50
  • Mounting / dismounting type – manual.

* – with a floor height above 5000 mm., And a floor thickness thicker than 350 mm., CUPLOOK scaffolding is used.

Features of use:
Telescopic stand
Racks with a bearing capacity of 15 to 35 kN, depending on the type and length of the working outreach. They are made of steel, the coating of the threaded part is galvanized, the rack body is galvanized or polymer coating.

  • ease of installation and dismantling;
  • accuracy of height adjustment;
  • self-cleaning open threaded part.

Wooden beams Н20
The H20 beam is used in monolithic construction as a formwork element for horizontal slabs and walls, based on the calculation of loads when directly supporting these elements.
It has a glued structure, with a device and a nominal height of 200 mm. It consists of upper and lower nozzles (shelves), 80×40 mm in size, made of solid wood, of coniferous wood, and one wall of moisture-resistant plywood. Tovshchina is 25-31 mm. (Depending on the manufacturer).
The bonding quality meets the high requirements for the use of the beam.

Resistance to thrust / permissible force, kN 11
Permissible moment M, kN 5
Running meter weight, kg 4.7

Application examples:

Shopping center construction
Construction of residential buildings