Facade scaffolding and cradles

Facade scaffolding

Frame-type facade scaffolding is aimed at finishing and repairing the facades of buildings and structures. These structures of the spatial type are fastened to each other by horizontal and diagonal components.
Due to the use of fastening, installation and dismantling of such scaffolding occurs very quickly.
There is also a practice to install frame scaffolding on special platforms equipped with wheels. Thus, mobility is achieved and in some situations this method of movement provides significant savings in time and effort.
Mobile towers-tours have a reliable design and are intended for installation, finishing and repair work both outside and in buildings at a height of up to 11 m.



Facade wardrobes (cradles, platforms) are designed for use in wake-up work and industrial wake-up materials for wake-up and repair work on the necessary cost. The hanging of a fallen vantage is from the brand of a pidyomnik reaching 100 m.