CUP LOOK series support scaffold system

The ABSCUP LOOK support scaffold system is a multi-purpose system that is used as formwork for monolithic slabs and also as a support in the construction of bridges, tunnels, civil and industrial buildings.

Used in projects with heights that are not provided by telescopic racks.

It can be used as a scaffolding for the restoration of facades, premises and other works.



  • Maximum mounting height, m 70
  • Tier height, m 0.5-3
  • Step of racks along the wall, m 0.5-3
  • The distance between the posts perpendicular to the wall, g. 0.5-3
  • Standard surface load, kg / m2 200
  • Maximum height of a vertical element, m 3

Features of use:
The ABSCUP LOOK support scaffolding system is a spatial structure to ensure high vertical loads and for their economical and safe.

Consists of vertical and horizontal tubular elements, upper and lower threaded jacks, connecting elements.
Vertical elements (six standard sizes) are the main load-bearing elements of the frame in the vertical plane. The horizontal elements ensure the rigidity of the frame. They have wedge-shaped forged lugs that are attached to the vertical element with a special connection.

In the upper part, threaded univilki are installed, on which floor beams and plywood are laid. Adjustment of the height and leveling of the upper deck is carried out through threaded supports with a threaded jack nut and a threaded universal fork.

Application examples:

Reconstruction of a metallurgical plant
Shopping center construction
Supply for the construction of overpasses.