Construction hoists

The cargo lift is the most economical equipment for moving between floors of building materials, consignments, massive objects, industrial and other goods ..
Lifting devices are used as an alternative and full-fledged replacement for such complex and expensive equipment as a freight elevator. Lifts are used to optimize production processes, including handling loads, by relieving personnel from labor-intensive work, accelerating the lifting / lowering of heavy objects, eliminating the need to install temporary ladders, and minimizing the risk of damage to cargo and staircases.
Large selection of models with lifting capacity from 1000 to 8000 kg, single and double cabins.



  • Model SC200 / 200
  • Number of cabins, pcs. 2
  • Number of masts, m 1
  • Loading capacity, kg 2 * 2000
  • Maximum height of use, m 450
  • Lifting speed, m / min 36
  • Mast height, m ​​90
  • Cabin weight, kg 2 * 1300