Auto concrete pumps
A lineup of 40 models of auto-concrete pumps, with the most expensive carriage, options for wine supports and a vibor shasi
The head components of SANY concrete pumps guarantee the reliability.
Shasi virobnitstva VOLVO, ISUZU, hydraulic elements – REXROTH and VICKERS Valve, electronic system – SIEMENS, electric motor – IMS, control panel – NVS.
Concrete pump trucks have demonstrated their reliability and productivity at the Budmaidans of the 56th country of the world and victorious at the weekdays of one of those who are looking for the best at Burj [Dubai].

– Strengthened construction of the arrow with a height of feed up to 82 meters;
– Control system with continuous control of the working mill and the information displayed on the display about the number of motor-driven concrete passing;
– Working temperature of hydraulic oil up to 65 С;
– repairability of the property, in which space has been transferred for repair and replacement of parts and universities
– Victory of the advanced technology of reduction of the vibration, reducing the corrosiveness of the concrete pump and the higher term of exploitation.
– Virobnistvo – SANY company (China).



Model Chassis Arrow, м Productivity .cubic / l.h.
SY5296THB37 VOLVO FM400 6×4 4-section, 37 m, type P 67-120
SY5296THB37 III VOLVO FM400 6×4 4-section, 37 m, type P, X-support 67-120
SY5313THB40 ISUZU CXZ51Q 6×4 4-section, 40 m, type P, X-support 67-120
SY5361THB42 VOLVO FM400 8×4 5-section, 42 m, type P 67-120
SY5402THB45 VOLVO FM400 8×4 5-section, 43 m, type P 100-140
SY5416THB48 VOLVO FM400 8×4 5-section, 48 m, type P 100-140
SY5500THB56V VOLVO FM400 10×4 5-section, 56 m, type P 67-120
SY5600THB66 MERS Actors 4150 12×4 5-section, 66 m, type P 110-200