Girder-transom formwork is a multi-purpose system that is used for shaping in monolithic and precast-monolithic construction, for arranging walls and columns of various shapes.
It can be used in the construction of round walls, treatment facilities tanks, parking lots and other structures.
It is used in the construction of dams, retaining walls, foundations in the case of one-sided concreting.



  • The highest hydrostatic pressure of concrete perceived by the shields, kN / m.kv85
  • The number of formation cycles, not less than 50
  • Working (shaping) surface material laminated moisture resistant plywood

Features of use:

  • Profitability. The application provides a low cost of resources and time without attracting special equipment to the construction site;
  • Changing the configuration of formwork elements during construction work;
  • Very high resistance to deformations and loads of both formwork elements and the entire final monolithic structure (load-bearing capacity)
  • The modularity of the system makes it possible to construct geometrically complex elements. In practice, the BRS girder-transom system can be adapted to almost any object.

Application examples:

Reconstruction of a metallurgical plant
Supply for the construction of overpasses.