AviaBudService LLC is a provider of integrated solutions for the construction industry

The company’s activities are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Tower cranes: sale, rental and service
  • Formwork systems and components
  • Scaffolding
  • Construction Materials
  • Concrete machinery
  • Lifting technology
  • Couplings
The material base of the company allows us to promptly complete construction objects with equipment and materials. Our service department ensures the smooth operation of equipment on construction sites

In 2018, AviaBudService LLC celebrated its 22nd anniversary. Undoubtedly, the main asset of the company is the rich experience accumulated over the years of work.

Today among our clients are the largest development and construction organizations in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to this, we are always one step ahead of the competition: we understand the needs of the client and are ready to offer a modern solution that can fully meet the needs of builders.

Since 2005, the direction for the rental and maintenance of tower cranes has been separated into a separate company – AviaTechService LLC. Today AviaTechService is the leader in the rental and service market of tower cranes in Ukraine.

We are official partners of all the largest manufacturers of building materials presented in Ukraine, therefore our price offer is always optimal.

Safety is a key criterion for such a complex and technologically advanced industry as construction. Therefore, we guarantee the quality of materials, the reliability of technology and full service support.

Working with AviaBudService, you get a partner whose professionalism and reliability have been tested by time. Our participation in leading construction projects in Ukraine as a supplier, cooperation with all well-known construction and development organizations, is evidence of an impeccable reputation.

Why us
Service support
You can always contact the manager who works with your company and resolve all issues related to the maintenance of equipment, as well as receive timely assistance.
Qualified staff
Our entire team is qualified personnel and professionals in their field with a client-oriented approach to each issue
Fair prices
You can always count on the best market offers thanks to our long-term partnerships with leading manufacturers of construction equipment and materials.
Best offers
Our experts will always select the optimal and best solutions for completing your construction site